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Cancer Basics 101

Research Division

Conducting cutting edge research

The Research Division is responsible for carrying out research programs that characterize the impact and state of cancer in Kenya and to provide social and epidemiological insights that may inform cancer eradication policies.

A. Public Needs Research

ICRF will systematically record and analyse the cancer-related needs of the Kenyan public. We aim to measure and evaluate the needs of communities with respect to support, access, treatment, and other aspects of cancer management.

B. Epidemiology Research

ICRF will conduct epidemiological research to better understand the risk factors, causes, progression, environmental contributors, and management of cancer to inform and influence policy and outreach efforts. We will collect epidemiological data and leverage those already existing from cancer management facilities around the country. 

C. Oncology Research

Our oncology research will focus on cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in Kenya and to support and engage in basic, translational, and clinical cancer research with the hope of discovering new biomarkers for early detection and effective therapeutic development. 

Current Projects

Cancer Research in Kenya: A Landscape Review

To be updated soon. Check back later.

HPV Intake Assessment

To be updated soon.