Integrated Cancer Research Foundation – Kenya

Integrated Cancer Research Foundation - Kenya

Evidence Based Research & Awareness


ICRF’s mission is devoted to molecular cancer research, primarily to reduce the burden of cancer in Kenya. We work in partnership with various universities, research organizations, and teaching hospitals across all disciplines to understand the fundamentals of human health with regards to cancer. Our goal is to contribute to a basic understanding of the biology of cancer, to discover novel cancer-related pathways, and develop effective biomarkers and therapies.

Our main objectives are:

  • Perform cutting-edge basic and translational research in an open, interdisciplinary, and collaborative manner
  • Provide innovative research training and capacity building to young scientists
  • Communicate our research to the public through different media platforms
  • Translate our findings into societal and commercial value

Our Research Areas:

Cancer Biology

Translational Cancer Research

Computational Biology

Cancer Health Literacy