Integrated Cancer Research Foundation – Kenya

Integrated Cancer Research Foundation - Kenya

Evidence Based Research & Awareness

Our Work

The goal of ICRF is to work on addressing specific the needs of the Kenyan people affected by cancer, in line with the National Cancer Control Strategy of Kenya. ICRF values responsiveness (see ‘Core Values’) and when a sufficiently large and imminent need arises, these aims can adapt and include new aims as the Board of Directors sees fit, such as the COVID-19 crisis. The aims of ICRF are listed as follows.

Our Aims

A. Research

Nurture collaborative oncology research programs to unearth new insights regarding the prevention of cancer, new avenues for early diagnosis, and safe, effective and affordable cancer treatments.

B. Outreach

Promote cancer awareness and education by implementing local, community-based programs to inform the public about cancer prevention, diagnosis, and management and to meet population needs regarding access, detection, treatment, and support infrastructure.

C. Clinical

Coordinate clinical outreach and cancer treatment in underserved areas, including cancer screening and detection programs, and empower local healthcare workers with vital information, tools and resources to combat cancer.