Integrated Cancer Research Foundation – Kenya

Integrated Cancer Research Foundation - Kenya

Evidence Based Research & Awareness


Kenya suffers from a shortage of clinical infrastructure in both urban and rural areas, which has impeded access to quality cancer services. Access to standardized care has been further hindered by the undersupply of healthcare workers, facilities, and equipment necessary for modern healthcare such as pharmaceuticals, diagnostics like mammography, and laboratory testing. ICRF will support clinical infrastructure by improving professional networking, and urban and rural access to resources and technology.

ICRF will systematically record and analyse the cancer-related needs of the Kenyan public. We aim to measure and evaluate the needs of communities with respect to support, access, treatment, and other aspects of cancer management.

C1. Healthcare Professionals Networking

We aim to build a network of researchers, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders in cancer management. We also aim to leverage on our broad membership and network to address the challenges of healthcare worker shortages. To enhance and promote capacity growth, we cultivate partnerships, offer medical training, and implement knowledge transfer programs such as annual symposia.

C2. Healthcare Access in Rural Areas

Our aim is to connect individuals and communities to appropriate and accessible healthcare facilities. We intend to  support existing facilities to promote their capabilities to the public and also partner with stakeholders to build new capacity where needed.

C3. Healthcare Resources & Technology

Where possible, ICRF supports and facilitates the procurement of healthcare resources to equip clinicians in the treatment of cancers. We also  distribute informational resources or technology donations through partnerships with manufacturers. We will distribute acquired resources to areas with an explicitly demonstrated need and longitudinally monitor the impact.

Integrate technology that will lower the barriers to healthcare research and development into the Kenyan healthcare infrastructure. Though costly, such technologies include imaging scanners that enable access at reduced costs.