Integrated Cancer Research Foundation – Kenya

Integrated Cancer Research Foundation - Kenya

Evidence Based Research & Awareness

Executive Management

ICRF is governed by a board of management who are responsible for defining and setting out the company’s long-term strategy and direction in line with the organisations long-term vision. Our board of trustees draws from a wide range of skills and expertise in scientific medical research from academia and industry.

The board is also responsible for ensuring that the organisation complies with all the relevant laws applicable in Kenya and internationally as well as safeguard the company’s finances and resources ensuring they’re used to further the charity’s purposes. The board ensures that all activities put the needs of the beneficiaries first.

ICRF board of management members do not receive any compensation for their services.

Board Members:

Dr. Hudson Alakonya - CEO

Dr. Elliot Abbott - Director

Dr. Victor Oria - Chief Scientist

Tracy Irura, MD - Chief Clinician

Dr. Fiona Okonjo - Head of Research Division

Chris Gachoki - Head of Legal Affairs

Victor Ouna - Chairperson