Integrated Cancer Research Foundation – Kenya

Integrated Cancer Research Foundation - Kenya

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Research Project

A landscape review of cancer research in Kenya


This project aims to conduct a systematic analysis of cancer research done in the country. Using PubMed and other publicly available databases, we will characterize the type of research (molecular, epidemiological, clinical trials, translational, computational, surveys, etc.), the involvement of Kenyan researchers, and the source of funding. We hope this project’s outcome will provide a platform to spur discussion on the status of cancer research in Kenya and the funding landscape. Ultimately, we aim to influence public policy that will foster an enabling environment to spur cancer research in the country.

Lead Researcher: Hudson Alakonya, PhD

Funding period: 01.08.2022 to 31.07.2023

Source of funding: Internal

Grant number: N/A

Collaborators: N/A

Research Team:

  • Hudson Alakonya 
  • Edwin Ochomo 
  • Keiko Kunitoki
  • Victor Oria
  • Jairus Nandwa
  • James Kiilu