Integrated Cancer Research Foundation – Kenya

Integrated Cancer Research Foundation - Kenya

Evidence Based Research & Awareness

Education & Outreach

The aim of our outreach division is to fully embody public engagement and work with local communities to create long-lasting and fruitful solutions to the problem of cancer in Kenya. Our goal is to engage and support the public in addressing their needs to access efficient cancer management services, including information on cancer healthcare facilities, sharing our research work and nurturing cancer research culture systematically and consistently.

We engage with local residents, both individuals and community groups, and the wider public; patients; academic institutions and research groups; other stakeholders and the Kenyan government through seminars and conferences.

B1. Cancer Awareness

Through cancer awareness we aim to address the many barriers in access to information on cancer management as well as to existing healthcare resources and facilities in Kenya. In remote regions of Kenya, there are gaps in knowledge about cancer, risk factors, and prevention strategies. We actively promote cancer awareness and education, for lifestyle changes and behaviour modification through online and in-person programs in remote villages

We also share information on available cancer management facilities to encourage high-risk populations to go for screening and cancer patients to access timely treatment. The organization will also develop recall and reminder systems to alert physicians and patients with screening information and schedules. 

B2. Community Engagement

We endeavour to increase public engagement and trust in Kenya’s cancer health infrastructure by educating the public about resource offerings at health clinics and working to increase access to treatment and screening in remote areas. We share our research output with the public to encourage public discourse on science and medical research. 

We work to foster public participation and engagement by, for example, inviting patients to take part in research and awareness activities, involving them in research open days, and giving tours of our research facilities. Public participation and engagement help to demystify the process of medical research, highlight its importance to cancer eradication efforts, and build public support for scientific solutions. Patient involvement also provides invaluable feedback and input to improve the quality of our work as well as tailor our research and organization objectives to meet public needs. 

B2. Access And Education

Through our outreach activities, we hope to inspire and encourage the next generation of cancer researchers and make young people aware of opportunities for careers in science. Moreover, ICRF will offer training placements and internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing oncology-related careers. This will equip students with the skills, knowledge, and practice necessary for their future career goals. 

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