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Updated January 2023

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With a rising cancer mortality rate and limited healthcare access in Kenya, there is a need to improve outreach, medical education, and cancer research throughout the country. Approximately 70-80% of Kenyans with cancer are diagnosed in the fatal late stages. Timely diagnosis is an unmet clinical need due to unstructured public awareness and outreach programs which mostly affect rural areas, limited relevant human resources, limited access to screenings, and high pressure demands on cancer-specific healthcare. The Kenyan national government has taken efforts to increase the number of oncologists in the country as well as establish individual county cancer registries. However, the demand for medical oncologists, access to treatment, and deployment of cancer registries remain limited at the local level, particularly in rural areas. The current state of cancer prevention, discovery, and treatment does not meet the requirements of the Kenyan people. ICRF intends to address this gap.